Art direction, design & photography by Robin Giordani


The line is especially inspired by the Mississippi freedom schools of the 1960's, Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and the uniforms worn by BRUJAS during their Catholic school youth on the Lower East Side. Each One Teach One is for the free-minded and disciplined revolutionary, back to school and work wear for contemporary rebel youth.

TEACH ONE TEE 100% Recycled Box Fit Cotton T-Shirt.

STUDENT LOAN POLO Embroidered logo detail.

CAMPUS SWEATSUIT Baggy Fit. Original color ways.

REAL SKATE PANT Hang low, slight taper.

All products are original BRUJAS colorways, cut, sewn,  ethically and sustainably produced in Los Angeles in partnership with Everybody World. 

All Each One Teach One orders will begin shipped with a hard copy of our course syllabus "Burning Down & Dreaming Up." This 6 week course starts Oct. 2nd.  



"Radical Skate Crew BRUJAS Put On NYFW's Best Grassroots Presentation."

In between sessions led by the Brujas crew and friends, DJs took over the sound system and turned the space outside the Solar One shack into the best party on the east side, with stylish youths skating in and out as the day went on. Brujas members wore the collection of polos and hoodies designed to resemble school uniforms and made in Los Angeles at a women-run factory. Joggers, bikers, cops, and at least one mono-wheel rider stopped to stare as the gang alternately danced, skated, and sat in school chairs listening intently to speakers. Though the nature of collective projects can often leave them opaque to the outside observer, Brujas is clearly answering a question that’s been on everyone’s minds lately: How do you make fashion feel relevant in the face political and social turmoil? “Ultimately, we think of Brujas as an educational project that uses streetwear and other means of production to empower young people,” says Soprano. “If you’re wearing this Gosha, you obviously feel some type of way about fashion; if you’re wearing Brujas, you feel some type of way about the world you’re living in,” continued Taj Francois, who designed the capsule with Robin Giordani and Brujas co-founder Arianna Gil. Every piece from the fall linecomes with a syllabus that guides you through the critical theory that forms the foundation of Brujas’s activism. “We have to give these tools out to everybody who fucks with us because of skating or parties so they can learn with us,” says Gil. “Sharing the texts that influence our thinking is super necessary for communicating honestly with our world.” Brujas will then disseminate completed assignments from the “Fall-Winter curriculum” on social media.