BRUJASx1971 a limited edition streetwear line to benefit people targeted by the prison system. 

On September 9, 1971, 1,000 prisoners, most of them black and brown, rioted and seized control of Attica prison in New York. After four days of negotiations and taking hostages, authorities agreed to 28 of the prisoners' demands such as better medical treatment, fair visitation rights, and an end to physical brutality. 45 years later, prisoners launched a national work strike demanding an end to prison slavery, which entered its second consecutive month this week. 


BRUJAS is releasing a limited edition streetwear line called 1971. The line is for all those who refuse to be governed by systems of exploitation and control. Support our first run by pre-ordering our 1971 P.E. two piece set. Designed by emerging artists CZARQUAN of Nocturnal Sons Posse and Robin Giordani of The Corner Society, the initial run is inspired by prison rebels, deviants, and the brujas of the past, present and future. All the profits from 1971 will go towards materially supporting people facing time in the prison system. 

389 backers pledged $22,739 via Kickstarter to help bring this project to life.

Art Direction - Arianna Gil, Ripley Soprano

Design - Robin Giordani & Calvin Skinner

Photography - Laurel Gio

Video - Alice Plati