Leave the N95’s to those still working 9pm to 5pm.


By supplying one another with bandana alternatives to the N95 mask, we are helping to keep the supply of medical grade masks to the doctors and essential workers risking their health on the frontline for the health of others staying at home.

These are NOT FDA approved PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment). Bandanas are however recommended by the CDC as a “last resort” option for the public and non-essential medical staff.

Together, we supplied a total of 250 masks to medical staffers in need.

Our first run of fifty masks were made in response to the PPE shortages in New York City’s hospitals. For each mask purchased, five additional masks were donated to Masks4Medicine initiative. 


Surgical masks and N95 respirators are designed to be disposable, single use barriers; however, hospitals are reporting the re-use of PPE’s by staff for days and even weeks past their expirations.


We Done Good.

This collection is my thanks to you.

100% Cotton, Re-usable Bandana Face Masks.